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The quote of the day goes to Darcy_Ryder with this absolute doozy…“I don’t do anal but I am down to rub my asshole for you!”.  How is that for overcoming objections? 🙂 So we moved on since we are fans of seriously thick and even fat cam girls live shows and love anal. As usual, we were looking for a super thick and no-bullshit entertainer who we could share with others as a good value. Then it happened, we stumbled onto a live cam girls show from HotChocolateHugeAss. 

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It was just after lunch today when we logged into a cam site with lots of fat girls masturbating that we stumbled onto this really fun live sex show. So much fun that I just had to take time out to share what an outrageous and erotic time we had with a particular super size bbw cam girl. Her name once again is HotChocolateHugeAss and she just blew our minds with her engaging banter and buck wild sexual acts. This black and fat cam girl is a standout live adult cam entertainer and here is why.

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First off, she was super happy and that is the first thing that makes a woman attractive. Next of all she got right down to business. When we first entered her show the very first thing she did was stand up and drop her panties to the floor. This took all of 10 seconds and there was no wasting time. She literally was completely nude before I had spent 50 cents in her show. Less than 30 seconds into the live cam show with this fat cam girl was on her back with both hands spreading her pussy.

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HotChocolateHugeAss, is about as direct to the point of a big booty webcam girl there ever was. A striking smile, dark smooth skin, and an epic big fat butt are what stand out as far as her features but it’s really her fun personality and no-nonsense approach that made us instant fans for life.

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